Contribute & Support a Gardening Program

Most of the regular gardening programs that we conduct are on volunteer bases. I try to design them in a way that they are self sustaining but we need funds to kick start and to start new.

Here are some ongoing programs that you can support:


This is the third year of The Learning Garden Program at the Haq Foundation School. Each year we enroll around 100 students from different grades to participate in the year long program in which  is based on the Green Curriculum developed by Zahra Ali. They grow an organic kitchen garden from seeds, learn to take care of it and manage the harvest. While doing so, they are also introduced to local environment, knowledge about their food and their role as a global citizen.  Teachers are also trained to use this outdoor classroom to teach their subjects  and relate their curriculum with nature! Explore more about this program by going to the Learning Garden Page.


What we need at the Learning Garden

  1.  A new fence.
  2.  A pergola to create shade for the class
  3.  Wooden benches. 
  4.  A White board with a stand
  5.  New netting. 
  6.  Ongoing need of manure and compost
  7.  More tool sets

If you are interested in contributing any of these materials, please get in touch with me We would love to say thanks by sending your heirloom seeds or fresh organic produce from our garden!

Other Ways You Can Contribute

Share Seeds

Although we save some of our seeds, but we always need good quality heirloom seeds. We will appreciate if you can share some for our community and school garden programs.

Help arrange a workshop

We volunteer at welfare schools but we need things to conduct a workshop. Contribute by sending us material or come volunteer!

Contribute Trees

Give us trees to plant. There are Ngos and individuals who regularly contact us to collect free trees for their wonderful initiatives around the city. You can send in cash, ask us to pick up the trees or come on the day of tree plantation with trees and participate!

By becoming a contributor you become a part of our close community and you will get regular updates on the programs that you contribute in.  Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions or suggestions that you might have.  You can reach me at

Happy Living!