March in My Container Garden

March is that time of the year when I enjoy the fruits from seeds that I started in winter. The joy is doubled when I look around my garden and find most diverse heirloom vegetables and herbs.  What makes container gardening so thrilling each year is the endless variety of vegetables that you can chose from.  

Last winter, I planted multi colored heirloom carrots, mini bell peppers, spring onions, leeks, heirloom tomato mix, eggplants, kale and sweet potatoes and some herbs in wooden boxes on my terrace. While the  lab-lab bean stalk , voluntarily, took over the little green area out side the house. On the other hand, the three year old rainbow Swiss Chard box is exploding with color and growing new leaves as the spring arrives. 


Heirloom Tomatoes

Beautiful tiny yellow flowers on the cherry tomato vine are turning in to fruit. The plants are performing exceptionally well. There are many strands of more than 14 tomatoes hanging from a single plant. 

tomato 2

Pink Brandy vine Beef Steak Tomatoes, on the other hand, have just started to take on the shades of pink. Although, the fruits are large sized but they do not match the 400 grams tomato that I picked from the school garden last year. I was lazy, and honestly, I did not fertilize the plants the way they deserved. sigh. 

tomato m

This year there was so many extra yellow and red pear tomato seedlings and no one seemed interested in taking them from me, so I had to make space to plant them in wooden boxes. The seedlings that I planted in February  have formed beautiful clusters and the yield seems promising. 



Butternut Squash


Squashes add so much more meaning to a kitchen garden. I tried planting many different heirloom squashes this winter but only the butternut squash made it to fruit. This single vine is loaded with female flowers, most of which drop dead in absence of a male flower. I have to watch closely and hand pollinate when ever there is an opportunity.

Carrots, Greens, Peppers and Beans


The sowing method worked  and growing carrots have been very rewarding, in spite of the fact that the mildew fungus forced me to harvest them young in early March.  Chard, kale , spring onions, basil, parsley and leeks are inspiring me to cook delicious meals each week while the bell peppers bring a smile on the face of every visitor and me.  For the first in all these years, I have started cooking lab-lab or saim beans and I am never going to stop now!

These are  just a few examples of what you can harvest from your garden in March, if you live in Karachi. The combinations are endless. Give it a try and Grow your own Crops in Pots this year!

Happy Gardening!





Zahra Ali Husain is a sustainability educator, freelance writer and an environmentalist. She is also a co-founder of Organic City Pakistan and runs the Green Schools & the Horticulture Therapy programs along with Yasir Husain. Zahra also manages an organic farm.