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During the past decade, I have been extremely fortunate to have found brilliant individuals and dedicated organizations to exchange ideas, expertise and resources with. I have worked with public, private and social sector.  My partners include local and international organizations, schools, colleges and universities.  Currently, I have more than 2500 children enrolled in my Green Schools Program and altogether the program the program has educated more than 5000 children so far. 

Please join this community by listing your interest in working with Crops in Pots or Green Schools Pakistan. 


Beacon House School

Caritas Pakitan

Dawood public school

Habib University

Sustainable Initiatives

The Recovery House


Haq Foundation School

iEARN Pakistan

Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture

Institute of Business Administration

University of Karachi

BBB Seeds

Rare Seeds

Greener Education Foundation

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Karachi’s Farmers’ Market

Kitchen Gardeners International

NED University

White House Grammar School

Organic City Eco Store

Organic Pakistan

Seed Money



Zindagi Trust


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