Recipe: Thai Tom Yum Soup

The joy of picking fresh herbs and vegetables from your garden right before you make a meal is unmatchable. The feeling gets doubled when you are making the soothing Tom Yum Soup.

Tom Yum Soup works perfectly as our lunch. Like other Thai food, Tom Yum tastes best when made from freshly picked herbs. Since we love Thai food, we planted Lemon Grass, red chillies, Thai Basil and Lemon in our organic kitchen garden. But I replace some of the ingredients that are difficult to find with locally available ones. For example, I use ginger instead of Gangal and Lemon Leaves instead of Kaffir Lime Leaves.

Here is my recipe on everyone request.

Thai Tom Yum Soup
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  1. Chicken strips 100gms / Prawns 1 Cup
  2. Coconut Milk 1 Can
  3. Tom Yum Paste 2 Tbsp
  4. Thai fish sauce 2 Tbsp
  5. Chicken Stock 3 cups
  6. Flat noodles 1/4 of a packet
  7. Mushrooms fresh or canned diced 1/2 cup
  8. Tomatoes 2 quartered
  9. Long Red Chillies 4
  10. Lemon Leaves 4
  11. Lemon Grass stock or leaves 3
  12. Ginger thin 1 inch wide slices 6
  1. Lemon Basil 10 leaves
  2. Red chillies chopped 4
  1. In a deep pan, pour the stock and mix Tom Yum paste and turn on the heat.
  2. Add noodles and all of the herbs and vegetables. Let it cook for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Add coconut milk and Thai fish sauce. Simmer for 3 more minutes.
  4. Add Basil and red chillies. Serve.
Crops in Pots

I hope this will inspire you to grow your own herbs and to enjoy them in meals that are made for your soul!

Happy Gardening


Zahra Ali Husain is a sustainability educator, freelance writer and an environmentalist. She is also a co-founder of Organic City Pakistan and runs the Green Schools & the Horticulture Therapy programs along with Yasir Husain. Zahra also manages an organic farm.