The Learning Garden

 ” You can also start a Learning Garden at your school or support an existing one.”

If you are interested in exploring ways to introduce this program in your own school. Please feel free to write to me . Read on to learn about our existing garden.

This is the third year of The Learning Garden Program at the Haq Foundation School. Each year we enroll around 100 students from different grades to participate in the year long program in which  is based on the Green Curriculum developed by Zahra Ali. They grow an organic kitchen garden from seeds, learn to take care of it and manage the harvest. While doing so, they are also introduced to local environment, knowledge about their food and their role as a global citizen.  Teachers are also trained to use this outdoor classroom to teach their subjects  and relate their curriculum with nature!


Green Schools, Pakistan – GSP

by Yasir Husain & Zahra Husain

Profile – Learning to Improve the Environment

The Green Schools Programme takes advantage of insights from current thinking, about environment and ecology, to bring them to bear on school education. The programme is designed to combine conventional methodologies with Open Source ones. Piloting in a traditional school set-up in Karachi, it links up with a future articulated by the remaking of knowledge through innovation and technology.

Connecting local phenomena, like the floods in Pakistan in 2011 and 2012 and food emergency in 2014, to changes in global climate, help us to focus our commitment to Earth’s health . This entails that we manage our own natural resources, food, and urban and industrial waste, with minimum destructive impact.

Understanding this is made easier if we have analytical knowledge of concepts and good practice related to environment. This requires that we educate ourselves, and our generations, to understand the big changes on Earth, our planet. It implies that we equip ourselves with techniques and imagination in order to steer ourselves to a future better than the negative scenario that seems imminent.

To start with Green Schools Pakistan – GSP intends to work with : government and private, schools and systems, mental health and welfare institutes, in Karachi.

Strategies for Greening Schools

 The Learning Garden Activity based gardening and environment classes following a Green Curriculum in an organic patch and classroom, leading to a certificate for students.

 Environment Improvement Projects The development of a Green Action Plan through a School Environment Committee whose membership includes school management, teachers and students. The plan will involve students in environmental monitoring, audit, decision-making and implementation.

 Training Workshops on environment topics with teachers, managers and students, such as curriculum integration, Do-It-Yourself3 skills, Open Source projects, including information technology, biotech and media, with films on topics including waste, water, energy and transport.

 Materials Development Open Source materials for teachers and students, such as teaching guides, student worksheets, a Green Curriculum in Urdu, a library of books, exhibits and films, open source resources on website, and workshop kits, which can be shared with anyone.

 Documentation & Continual Improvement Documentation and review of activities is built into the programme in order to improve and sustain activity


Zahra Ali Husain is a sustainability educator, freelance writer and an environmentalist. She is also a co-founder of Organic City Pakistan and runs the Green Schools & the Horticulture Therapy programs along with Yasir Husain. Zahra also manages an organic farm.

  • What r the vegetable n fruits to be grown now in pots and where to get the seeds or plants

    • Zahra Ali
      Zahra Ali

      You can still plant winter crops or start summer sowing summer vegetables. has gardening supplies available.