Workshop: Lets Grow a Pizza Garden!

Brightly colored peppers, juicy tomatoes and some super fragrant Basil, is all that you need to grow your own pizza!

Grades: 6-10pizza-1442945_1280

Number of Participants : 10-30

Duration:  1 hour

Number of Sessions: 4

Fee: Rs 2500/ session

( you may chose the number of sessions)


Session 1: (multimedia) Our food travels more than we do  and all key ingredients that goes into making a commercially available pizza are imported.  Students learn about food miles, what goes into their favorite  pizza, how are they grown and where  do they come from.  They will be introduced to organic farming and effects of eating organic homemade food!

Resources needed: Multimedia, sound system, handouts.

Session 2: (a garden or a rooftop)

Available August to December

 Students start their very own organic pizza garden and learn to sow seeds  for their school garden. They will make their own seed starting mix and water their seedlings.

Resources needed: Peat moss, compost, tags, seedling tray, seeds, water can and a protected sunny spot.


Session 3:sow 6

Available August to December

Seeds have sprouted and it’s time to transplant them! Students will now prepare their soil for pots or the patch, transplant seedlings and learn about organic fertilizers and pest control.

Resources needed: Soil, manure, tools, watering cans, seedlings ,pots(if a garden is not available).

Session 4: Lets cook a Pizza!! Students learn to harvest and cook their own pizza!

Resources needed:  School grown vegetables and herbs or organic vegetables and herbs from a farm, ingredients for pizza, a kitchen with oven and necessary utensils to cook a pizza!

Resources needed : Pots, seeds /seedlings, soil, compost, tools, watering can, seedling trays, gloves(optional), tags, stationary, multimedia, handouts etc.




Zahra Ali Husain is a sustainability educator, freelance writer and an environmentalist. She is also a co-founder of Organic City Pakistan and runs the Green Schools & the Horticulture Therapy programs along with Yasir Husain. Zahra also manages an organic farm.