A gardening blog that transformed into three organizations.

We have come a long way since Zahra Ali started her blog, Crops in Pots, back in 2008.

Crops in Pots


Discover Zahra's published work, news from the community, find DIY guides, and find inspiration to grow you own food.

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The Learning Garden

School Farms

Explore how our eco-literacy program is transforming school grounds into organic farms. Thousands of children are growing their own self sustaining farms around the city. Join our journey.

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Eco Store


Find sustainably sourced, locally grown and produced products for schools, homes and gardens.

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Find links to recorded webinars, updates about upcoming courses and news about how can you join a community project.

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The Learning Garden

Est. 2010

Children grow self sustaining organic school farms, learn about local ecology, and discover their impact as global citizens, during a course of one year.

Organic Farming, Educating, and Learning

In the past 12 years, I have had some most memorable days with my wonderful community in the garden. I had a chance to travel, work with diverse cultures, make friends and learn so much!

Our Eco- Footprint

Trying to leave a green impact on this beautiful blue planet.

Partners & Sponsors


School Farms Setup


Young Farmers Educated


Native Trees Planted

Looking for heirloom seeds, freebies, a bag of compost or some organic goodies ? Explore our hand picked selection of unique green products.

Crops in Pots : blog

Find inspiration, free growing guides, harvest storage tips, recipes from the garden and much more on my Crops in Pots blog.

Friends, Sponsors and Partners

Super blessed to have such amazing individuals and organizations as partners.